How best to photograph Exhibition Stands

Published June 16, 2014 in On location

Exhibitions happen daily up and down the country, and are often packed with potential customers, and usual many photographers. Depending on the stand and whats being exhibited, there are often many good opportunities for great shots, but the type of shot will depend on yours, or your clients requirements.

For highly visual exhibits such fashion, cars, gadgets, art etc. the focal point of photos is often the products themselves, as well as the general public looking at, playing with etc the products. However some “less interesting” businesses may have less eye catching material to capture… this is where getting a great shot of the actual exhibition stand is worth while.

Some stands themselves look quite plain, but one new type we have seen at an increasing number of exhibitions is a kind of modular exhibition stand (as sold and hired by these guys) that looks impressive by itself. Getting good shots of these kind of stands is often done by being there really early or really late – i.e. when nobody gets in your shot. Getting great close ups of the stands may also result in an extra revenue stream, by offering them to suppliers and distributors who are always on the look out for decent photos to showcase their wares.

Let us know links to some of your favourite exhibition photos in the comments!

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