The best compact digital cameras for kids

Published June 25, 2014 in Buying Guides

How times change…

If they’re young enough, your children have actually been constantly exposed to a world in which mobile phones such as iPhones and Android phones are by far the the most well-used gadgets for taking pictures. That’s a shame. Yes it is convienent for the masses, but it takes way the magic of having and owning a proper camera, for people of all ages.  To make certain that the next surge of youthful digital photographers recognize the performance and ergonomic benefits of utilizing an real camera, you’ll need to get one into their hands as quickly as feasible.

Yet not too fast! Just before you slip a costly Canon EOS into your child’s basket of toys, you’ll have to consider threats such as serious damage to the camera, or to the child from small parts… it is true that some children are on the whole much more cautious and careful with expensive gadgets than others. If you would like to get an electronic camera particularly for your youngster – or an electronic camera that your whole family could discuss without fretting excessive – longevity and ease of usage are merely as important, otherwise additional, as photo quality and functions.

And, obviously, a lot of that depends upon the age and maturity degree of your youngster. We wouldn’t trust any sort of kid or the large bulk of 10-year-old boys with a DSLR, but for a teenager or pre-teen that’s smart beyond their years and really thinking about digital photography, an entry-level DSLR or mirrorless camera may be a wonderful entry point into the wonderful world of digital photography.

For those under 5, there are quite a few basic options such as the chunky V-Tech kids cameras, as well as various other simialr models that are larger than average so easier to hold (without getting fingers in front of the lens!) and their bulk also acts as good drop protection – critical for the very young.

Moving up to the 5- 8 age range, it can be a good choice to get a decent digital compact. Friends of ours got a Lumix LZ10 fro their 6 yr old boys birthday from a supermarket – a great little camera that used to retail for over £200 but was on offer for less than £50! He was chuffed to bits as it looks so grown up, but the damage risk is mitigated by being so cheap!

Depending on their dexterity and motor skills, boys and girls of 4 could use a camera such a this, but the zoom, settings, options etc. are probably a bit much until they are 6 or 7.

By the age of 10, if your child has expressed interest in photography, its a suitable time to look for a low cost local camera course – that will help with the handling of a camera, understanding basic composition.

There is little we can do at this age to stop them having a phone with a camera (unless you want them to feel lost and left out) but we can educate that for true photography and capturing amazing images of special events and occasions, that when the real camera comes out.

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